Customize Your Tailored Suits


For us to tailor a perfect-fit, bespoke suit for you, just choose a fabric from a wide range of the world’s finest pure wool fabrics that we have in store. Our handpicked fabrics come from the world’s best brands. Over the years, we have used the best of the fabrics from all over the world. Before choosing a fabric, we ensure that it meets the highest standards we have in place to judge a fabric – based on the wool quality, the way it has been blended, and the durability in the real-life exposure. Our experts understand the fabrics inside out, and that helps us fetch only first-rate fabrics for your suits


Suitman equips you with a whole host of suit-customization options to give you a custom tailored suit that ooze your style. Whether it’s the fit, jacket style, lapels, trousers’ pleats, waistcoat options, or pocket styles – just try the options on the sketched mannequin, and choose what you like. Your suit is stitched based on the suit customization options you pick.


Follow our step-by-step video guides to set up your measurement profile. We walk you through every detail, so you can have the confidence to get it done right. It takes less than 10 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your home. You don’t need a tailor, only a good friend (mom, girlfriend, sister, buddy). Once your order is placed, our team goes through all your measurements to ensure that everything looks good.


The entire process takes just weeks, from order to arrival at your doorstep. Our custom shirts are typically 3-4 weeks, while our most expensive suits and delicate fabrics can take up to 5 weeks, due to the amount of hand-canvassing and special care involved. Each item is given an estimated delivery date during customization, and you will be given a final estimated date during checkout. We understand that some orders are extra special. If you need to have your order rushed by a certain date, such as a wedding or graduation, please contact us to arrange rush delivery.

It’s easy to take your measurements. Just follow the instructions and you will get a perfect fit. And you don’t need a tailor! Anyone in your family, or a friend can take your measurements by just calling to Suitman, or by following our instructions. It usually takes just 10 minutes, and it’s fun!

Imported from the finest mills, Suit Man has an unparalleled library of suiting and shirting cloth. Choose online from hundreds of our most popular fabrics, or visit our showrooms for the full collection. Visit men’s best fashion store? There’s every chance that you will feel mesmerized. And when that happens, just pick your favorite suit fabric, customize your suit style, take your measurements for a perfect fit best bespoke suit.

Our unique customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, you say how you want it and that’s how we will build it. We use the world’s best fabrics. No exceptions. All our custom tailored suits are 100% pure wool suits. It’s Super 120’S Pure Australian Wool, good for all seasons. Made in Italy, the fabrics look stunning, are very durable, and give you an amazing comfort feel in all seasons, all weathers. The best wool fabrics ensure that you get the best custom tailored suits from New Wear Well. The suits look luxurious and make a statement.